What Material Is Best For My Business

The first thing you need to do is consider your cook-top. Do you have a smooth-top range for your business? You will need something that is more flat-bottomed.

Do you have an induction cook-top? Your best bet is going to be the magnetic stainless steel. It’s always best to talk to the guy in the store. Make sure both options are there before you leave the store.

You will need to learn the language for the kitchen. There is a specific lingo for some of these products.

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Let’s say something says pre-seasoned. This means that a wax base has been applied prior.

Let’s say that someone says it’s hard-coated. This is their way of saying the surface material has gone from soft to hard. Word of caution: If something says it’s safe for the oven, you need to check it out first.

Never buy something online. I know it might be tempting, but it’s better to hold the supplies in your hands. Any true chef/cook would rather get a feel for the material first. No true chef buys something outright.